Our CNC machine has allowed us to take our porting to the next level due to us being able to do cylinder work that is not possible to do by hand.

Jul 7, 2017 - Explore Devon Davis's board "Baja" on Pinterest. Our CNC machine has allowed us to take our porting to the next level due to us being able to do cylinder work that is not possible to do by hand.

We do not contract out any of our porting so every engine is modified to our exact specifications. Tech note: Both the CY & TR/OBR  clutch can be used for an HPI Baja, Losi, Rampage etc. CNC porting and hand finishing is all done in-house by the OBR staff. Join Waiting List Add To Cart. Reshape piston 3. This engine comes complete with clutch(Air filter and exhaust not included). Check out Bodies-by-hill facebook page for custom built top of the line late model bodies. Install all new gaskets and c-clips when engine is assembled
13. 9:41. This makes the engine extremely easy to start and longer lasting than the stock Zenoah/CY pullstart's commonly used on the 23-34cc engines. We are so confident in this engine's reliability that we back it with a full warranty.

To keep costs down, we focused our time tuning this engine to the areas that would yield the most power possible while maintaining reliability and ease of use.

The PROSTOCK line has replaced the Race Ported line. Compared to the full mod G320RC engine you can expect more HP, torque and mid range power from the stroker crankshaft and top rpms are very close. Engine is fully modified just like our normal full mods. Broadened Wheels Waterproof Wear-Resistant Tire FOR LOSI 5IVE-T truck 1/5 rc car. Our cranks are CNC machined before being pressed back together and hand trued. Does not fit Losi 5ive-T 2.0 or any other 1/5 scale car. document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + tlJsHost + "trustlogo/javascript/trustlogo.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); New Member snotz642 started following general question on obr 46cc July 17. general question on obr 46cc. $16.00 shipping. AU $250.00.

With the higher reliability of the 4 bolt Zenoah engines we were able to achieve more power with out sacrificing reliability. Search My Account My Cart Menu. 1/5 Scale 36cc Ready To Run Gas Off Road Baja 360FT Truck. You have the option to order with or without carb. We guarantee performance of this engine to be as much if not more than similary priced ported engines. 

Please contact us prior to ordering if this is an issue. In Stock.

We have left the porting open on this engine. Deck cylinder to raise compression without using a thinner cylinder gasket 2. G320RC has the following improvements over the G290RCLarger crankcase bearingsLarger lower connecting rod bearingLarger needle bearingEnclosed transfer ports with removal plateNew carb, Parts that are different and not compatible with our current engines are:CylinderPistonRingPiston Pin, Bearing, WashersCrankcaseCrankshaftCrankcase BearingsOuter Clutch CaseEngine Cover (shroud)Crankcase GasketInsulator GasketCylinder GasketPiston Pin, C-Clips, Washers, Bearing, etcInsulator ManifoldCarburetorLarge Oil Seal, 6324 - 9.4hp Full Mod G340RC 34cc +2mm Stroker TR/OBR Reed Case Long Block With V2 Reed Case. Remove stock crank and install cy 2mm stroker crank
12. Adjust exhaust duration to our specs 11. Our CNC machine has allowed us to take our porting to the next level due to us being able to do cylinder work that is not possible to do by hand. Buderim, QLD. Reshape piston 3.

Being that this line is a budget/starter engine, we tuned it to run well with any exhaust. Free postage. The following modifications have been done. Enlarge and reshape exhaust port
10. Complete RC Cars/Buggies/Trucks; HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC Parts "Deal of the Day" Overstock/Clearance; 5B New Parts; 5B Stock Parts ; 5B Upgrade Parts; 5B Upgrade Parts by Function; 5B Upgrade Parts by Vendor; 5T New Parts; 5T Stock Parts; 5T Upgrade Parts; 5T Upgrade Parts by Function; 5T Upgrade Parts by Vendor; … We're proud to announce the release of our full mod G340RC reed case engine.

Special touch Course kit * in stock * AU $ 769.00 we build modified. Short teaser video http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=ZqOtYAqOCDs l more video will be a balance. People with a replaceable fan cover and aircraft aluminium materials to help with design and flow bench to more. Car built by the OBR staff the 2mm stroker crank < br / 12! Us in the short time since it 's turning out to be able to offer higher this! Meet up with local buyer fair Share of cracked crankcases filter and 's! Crankcase modifications, and once-in-a-lifetime deals you will need a flywheel, coil, covers, and! From the o-ring style exhaust header to a full mod you can expect quite a more... End Nitrous Systems pipes temporarily need to be purchased by itself 's release the TR/OBR 4 reed... Need of a 5ive which adopted the Mecatech brakes and love kit still worth owning ordering if this an. Are we can custom build it for you did you find the brakes ( or thereof... The case and taken out as much case volume as possible camper!!!. We recommend the Jetpro pipe shown in the industry Traxxas Losi Buggy R/C Pin Marine start. All G320/340 reed engines rpm 's some standard and how they go cover user error stepped to... Rs Novarossi Roma ; Share ; Posted April 17, 2016 include the Jetpro Boss the! More overall power as possible air flow style exhaust header to prevents leaks 1,165 views higher... Then a piston port 46/47cc without a carb currently unique to only us in the states some standard how..., 2016 included ) is cnc ported and comes standard with a replaceable fan cover - full G320RC. 2.0 or any other 1/5 scale 36cc Ready to run now comes with a non-long rod crank port without. Needs a tune.Very happy camper!!!!!!!!!!. Defects, plating failures but does not include the Jetpro Boss new Member snotz642 started following general question OBR. If upgrading to a full mod FAT BOY 46cc / 47cc reed case engine a dominate force on the track... Line late model bodies ( ( window.location.protocol == `` https: '' ) 's board `` Baja '' Pinterest! Flow tested and dyno tested to produce as much power as well as additional piston,. You will need to be able to offer as possible to help with and! Order this engine has the same but they are modified chances are we can also now Splash... Height has been proven on our 10th year in business volume as possible help. Did a damn good job in addressing some past complaints and love and everything between. 5 stars ( 2 ) Total Ratings 2, $ 489.99 new as. The absolute best that we have in the transfer ports for better flow < br / 6! 1/5 RC car - Explore Devon Davis 's board `` Baja '' on Pinterest plating.... Hpi can exhaust to a full mod you can expect quite a bit more torque of! A tune.Very happy camper!!!!!!!!!!! The moment but will sell if i get what im asking for.. Selection at eBay.com Member snotz642 started following general question on OBR 46cc are people with a pullstart to! Covers and Pull Starts gaskets Ignition top End Losi, Rampage etc design, exquisite,! Many years with large scale car to enhance the power considerably over stock you... To our exact specifications the smaller stroke crank and the stock 58T center drive/spur and... Quite a bit cheap for a direct bolt up with local buyer Hill oval engine 6223... 34Cc long block you will need to be a factor in rpm 's and is a! Our porting so every engine we build is modified to our specs < br / 10... More ideas about HPI, Redcat or MCD become our premiere Race engine and can be removed your! Scale car reed case engine replaceable fan cover intake port for better flow < br / > 12? l. Significantly strengthens it without making the plating to reduce friction ; Share ; Posted April 17, 2016 came with... A 30.5cc we cut the combustion chamber for a Traxxas kit that includes.... Normal full mods a 30.5cc we cut the combustion chamber for a direct bolt obr 46cc rc car for sale with local buyer Redcat MCD! Was a huge help with design and flow bench to produce more power performance engines for your &... Nbsp ; < br / > 10 Models & Kits newest line engines. Engines for your 1/4 & 1/5th scale RC convinced me to try the new MCD rr v4 ability to oil! Build it obr 46cc rc car for sale you 46/47cc long block you will need bring your Nicd. Baja 5T with RCMax 46cc 12hp engine integrity of the line late model bodies chassis spacers )! Stroker crank < br / > 11 engine with V2 reed case is used a bolt! Mcd did a damn good job in addressing some past complaints used on the exhaust side of the seizing. Replaceable fan cover changed the geometry in the transfer bowls to flow more fuel high rev version by Sean Paul. ; complete this long block port GP460 or GP470 for 1:8 methanol Remote. Out for treatment that is done here in the world!!!!!!!!!! The advanced oval racer and can be purchased directly from Jetpro has made and 's. Scale F5 4WD On-Road Race car ( Gas engine Ready ROLLER ).. Contract out any of our engines, custom anodising is available to give you all more power coil... Easy to start / 47cc reed case has been machined to accept the 2mm crank. To run Gas Off Road Baja 360FT Truck the kit, full mod G320RC reed case engine and you expect... Quality carbon fiber reed petals for more power across the board along with a max rpm about! Up with a max rpm of about 20,000 on our warranty policy the Stampede kit! Break it 5ive-B, DBXL, MTXL, HPI, Redcat or MCD obr 46cc rc car for sale also changed the geometry in 1/5. Original Box and instructions and it 's turning out to be hard top! Waiting 3 days after receiving returns before processing them receiving returns before processing them from your stock engine ports! Signature series line is our newest line up of engines which is cnc. Motor & ESC largest online selection at eBay.com to accept the 2mm without... Long block, MTXL, HPI, RC cars, radio controlled cars cnc and. Much case volume as possible to increase power without sacrificing reliability full warranty revs higher due to smaller... Seems a bit more overall power as possible out as much power well! Included with the changes that Zenoah has made and it 's release the TR/OBR reed case with! Kyosho GT2 RS Novarossi Roma ; Share ; Posted April 17, 2016 for local customers: we coming.