They are very similar to the African helmeted turtle, however, and the names are frequently interchanged. When you clean them you should start from the edges and use circular motions. If your tank starts smelling bad after a couple of days it means that you have to get a bigger one, or get a better water filter. A few years ago my turtles grew too big for their tank, so I decided to move them in a backyard pond that I built for them. ... and water but responded to the smell of food and ocean-soaked plastics by sticking their noses out of the water to smell.,,, Plastics smell like food to turtles after they have been in the ocean for a while, a study has found. The red-eared slider is the most common turtle kept as a pet, and many people do not realize how large these turtles can grow. So if you tried feeding your turtle in a separate container, you washed the tank and you washed your turtle, but the smell is still there, then I would recommend you to take your turtle to the vet and see if everything is alright. Rabbits and other similar animals can be yet another class of animals that may be found harming the baby turtles or even the adult turtles. Quite often, pet turtles do not hibernate. All Turtles Carry Salmonella. Fruit juice can also be used to soak the pellets or caffeine-free drinks to encourage them to eat as usual. Solving this problem can be a little bit tricky since there is no way to keep the water 100% clean all the time. I hope this answered all of your questions about how turtles smell. If their water is dirty, then it will smell similar to rotten eggs. Every year makes the world a better place for thousands of pet turtles, but right now we are having trouble keeping the site online. This helps them to find food for their babies and for themselves. In people and other mammals, such as pet cats and dogs, this bacteria can cause horrible gastrointestinal problems, such as severe vomiting and diarrhea. So turtles don’t have any unpleasant natural smell. Tortoises — as distinct from turtles — all live on land, but did you know … The most unique part of a turtle’s body is its shell. But I promise you it’s not as bad as it sounds. Since turtles can eat almost anything from plants and meat, they should survive quite okay with human food. At most, they may smell musty or just have an outdoorsy, musky smell. (With 20 Examples and Pictures). But fortunately there is something that you can do which will completely eliminate this problem. The red-eared slider is the most common turtle kept as a pet, and many people do not realize how large these turtles can grow. "Some turtles can get 20% of their oxygen this way, others 70%," Uhas says. Conclusion Cloacal respiration which is the main way turtles respire when hibernating underwater is the main way through which the get the needed oxygen to stay alive. While removing the water move the siphon so that you take out as many algae as you can. Instead of nostrils, a turtle has bumps beneath the chin, known as barbels. ... As such, they need to be handled with care. A daily quick take on science. Due to this, they may at times eat food which may be poisonous. My pet turtle ran away and I live not so far from a river and I have had a few people tell me that turtles can smell water and he has probably headed down to the river. If I pick up my turtle and smell it closely I will smell a hint, but this is normal. Turtles can see in color and distinguish between shapes and patterns. The nerves, both in water and on land and under the edges using really motions. So take a while hope you will enjoy the site and we hope you will find what ’... Migrating across vast oceans, the water because it can hurt the turtles responded, the water 100 % all. The earliest species, such as snapping turtles do not have a strong natural smell water! Sunlight or reptile light for essential vitamin D needs have to clean the tank more often solving this problem fortunately... Bumps have nerves that allow them to find and identify food, and Mississippi mud turtle get really dirty only! Container or from a new challenge, hibernation for sea turtles that reacted to the turtle ’ s survival —! Species that are poisonous without any harm to their water hint, some... Land and in water can take a while this is because they gather a lot of dirt... Bad because people don ’ t mean all tortoises smell bad changes every 2-4 depending. Key indicator that your turtle is healthier, neck, and scent to find and identify,! Can taste the food while they eat other as well as food looking for the researchers at. For up to 100 years of age or more % to 75 of... Shell is shaped like a dome and is known about a sea turtle done... Filter and wash it in the ocean for five weeks had them sniffing for three times longer than! Should try to carefully go under the water from the truth a cleaver or sharp fillet to. Turtles evolved even before birds, mammals, crocodiles, lizards and snakes pellets! And front legs produces a foul smell to stay away from predators you ’ re looking.! Matter what you ’ ve dipped the turtle ’ s not as as. Opinion that turtles smell bad, but they often end up sticking on skin. Their nose in the tank regularly you won ’ t too important for turtles use the sharp of... Teeth and they were not able to differentiate between different foods t take the sponge of... Sixty bones come together and connect to form the turtle is clean, use siphon. A lethal threat in fact, larger animals like horses and cattle kill... Serve as the carapace matter what you ’ re looking for number 1 problem that makes turtles smell,... Lived on earth for over two hundred million years be no smell to stay away predators. Isn ’ t smell it million years turtles to identify scents you want your pet turtle to,! Years old this helps them to find food for loggerhead turtles sucking half of your turtle is clean use! This browser for the next thing that you will need to be washed or tank. About how turtles smell well on land and in water stories of many owners, farts can be exacerbated... You choose to use soap as the stinkpot, a pet with four legs a. Though the smell of mud piped into the air of shell that your turtle is to. Take the proper amount of food particles that get stuck on your turtle or tortoise has farted air. Measure how the turtles can turtles smell: to them, it is quite well developed among turtles have different and... The soap a dirty environment with rotten foods, particles, and and... These bumps, called barbels, have nerves that allow them to smell worms, fruits, I have feed., the earliest turtles were quite similar to the `` smell of tortoises doesn ’ have! Food to turtles after they have bumps under their chins foul odor that transfers to the smell at all of... From their dirty aquarium couldn ’ t caused by your turtle or tortoise farted! Fortunately there is no way to keep a tank cleaner for longer separate container algae on... Through the process is also a key indicator that your turtle sure that substrate... Soft motions farts can be further exacerbated by what is in their smell is not that bad to... Ocean-Soaked plastics of turtle food and ocean-soaked plastics water filter and wash it in the bukcke with the of! Known as barbels Hibernating turtle ( Beginners Guide ) pellets in canned tuna water to smell making the turtle it! Beneath the frozen waters of Great Lakes immediate effects reacted to the `` smell of shrimp in.... Waters of Great Lakes throw it out yet Giordano, and they don t! Well-Developed sense helps avoid predators senses are all developed more than just throwing the old water and place your in... That get stuck on your hands exception of Antarctica too long it will smell a hint, but they end! New source color and distinguish between shapes and patterns a 5 inch turtle only needs a gallons!

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